The Message

CoreStuff.001It is important. It has huge implications for living life. It is not new, in fact it is The Old Old Story. Yet it’s often misunderstood or forgotten, so it may be news to you or your friends. So I try to be as clear and interesting as I can be:
  • shaping presentations to match your context, with props, stories, multi-media, straight talk, games, art, Q&A…
  • with series of presentations, at camps, or over a week or few, to be as thorough as needed.
  • and of course able to show it in my own life.
Cardoac2013b.001As an accredited Baptist minister since 1992, I’ve also been an outreach specialist since 1997, delivering the Message with OAC Ministries, at schools, camps, homes, clubs, churches and all age groupsIf you’d like a refresher of The Message, then let’s make a date.