Cheers-log 2003-01

After month one.

(From a note I sent back to Mt Hawthorn CC)


Quick update re us & Banksia Grove:

* Still building our house. We have a roof at last.

* We settled into another house in BG, since the building will take forever.It has a pool, and people often lob over for a dip.

* The day we moved in there was a bushfire down the stAnyway, everyone was out inthe set so we got to mee all. 

*  week or so later, we had a housewarming for the streeties, and 6 house-fulls came and lingered & laughed for 5 hours or so. We’ve been invited to M’s birthday next weekend, etc. Lots of good connections made. They’re choice people!

* I went to the local residents association meeting one Monday. (Dave Andrews did say to join in the conflicts.) BG is pretty low on infrastructure, and govts & developers are glacier-slow at providing it. Was informative, but am wondering what more Christlike ways there are to get the infrastructure we need, besides just whining to the powers. Or is that all we can do? Any ideas?

* Sally & I had lunch with a guy who doesnt profess Christian faith, but clearly expressed his view that “religious faith provides the ethical framework for ethical behaviour.” Sal & I went to bed later wondering how long it will be before we might be able to help provide such a framework for anyone in BG.

* We’ve visited the Carramar Uniting church often enough to be recognised now, which meets at St Stephen’s school in Carramar (next door to BG – there’s no church in BG.) Steve Larkin is the guy who runs it, and is doing all-age type active learning as much as he can. It’s a model that takes some doing, but we like it. The learning style means we can still engage in it while keeping our kids sorted. It keeps us together as a family, & models engagement in church to our kids. Steve will visit Mt Hawthorn soon to tell you more of the Carramar story & way.


In case you’re wondering, we see our connection with Mt Hawthorn just as we thought we would. You’re our church ‘family-of-origin’; and perhaps Carramar is our local mob to keep a closer eye on us; but also we’re starting this new thing in BG which we hesitate to call church, but “Christo-virus community development project” is probably a bit cumbersome. 


So you can see it’s kinda hard to answer when someone says, “what church do you go to?”

Geoff. “


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