Cheers-log 2003-03

Around month three:


* Met up with a guru of community development over lunch and asked how else we could work for the infrastructure we need in BG. He was a wealth of ideas, but key to all was the context of relationship to work with the various people who could help – be it politicians, developers, community people etc. Sounds Jesus-esque.


* BG Residents Association is dissolving its executive. Nasty dust-up at last meeting. It lost a lot of credibility with the neighbors. I’m meeting some of the key people from this, getting to know them and their heart for BG. Am finding heaps of openness and invitation to reframe things as “trying to find the Way of Jesus.”


* Went to M’s 40th. A great night. Lots of good feeling in our street. Some lovely stories to tell from that night too. (Old Fart – the beer, not the guy… well…)


* Numerous meals and drinks with the neighbors. They always chat about God at one point or another.


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