Cheers-log 2003-072

LAND Update 9/7/03:


Cheers decided not to tender for the land. This was a well thought-out and gutsy decision by the Cheers mob.


The two ideas that gave the meeting a good sense of peace & rightness for us (for now – as in “Your word is a lamp to my feet,” not a headlamp into the future) were:


1. Many others do the building-based church model… But the building-less, community development, Kingdom-near-you church, is something unique that we offer, and is right for BG and us now. Who will develop that if we don’t?

2. Perhaps we’re to trust God, wait & pray for someone who will use the building like Jesus would (Salvos, Baptist Welfare services, ?) And co-operate with them.  


So was there any benefit for us out of this whole land episode?

1. It made us think about what good a building might do in BG, so that we are ready to consult with whoever does come in to do a building-based thing.

2. It makes us pray hard for that group, and makes us more ready to co-operate with them as allies.

3. It raised some core values for us, and helped us hone awareness of what we are & are not. A process that is developing.




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