Cheers-log 2003-10

8 Oct 2003


A few weeks ago we had the dedication of our new son, Cameron.


We invited some local friends and neighbors along to “a special meeting of “Cheers.”” 


About 30 people were there. And it was one of those really lovely times that are all too rare these days. The sense of community togetherness, and openness to God & each other, and love towards us was almost tangible. Almost everyone remarked on what a great time it was.


And I contend that it was a taste of how community can be if we all continue to develop trust, and offer our different gifts to each other. Everyone in that meeting had something about them that contributed to the sense of togetherness, from the youngest baby to the oldest and frailest.


The Cheers meeting continues to see mini-miracle answers to prayer.


A group of 6 adults (and their 12 kids!) are having meetings to plan “Cheers learning” which will meet on fortnightly Sunday arvos. It will be the place and time for learning and explaining, to be added to the God-stuff, prayer, friendship, and serving that happens at normal Cheers. We’ll do some pilots next month, and hopefully start properly mid January. It will be highly interactive and respectful and meaningful for all ages. 


Till next time, 


thanks for your interest in the BG Community Development Project






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