Cheers-log 2004-07

5 July 2004


Here’s that report:


The Watoto Kids Choir had a wonderful impact on BG.


 The Concert of Hope went very well. 

– Picture our little Community Hall packed to over-flowing & standing room only. 200 people from the community crammed into a space for about 70.

– Then African rythms and energetic dancing, and stories celebrating the restoration of these kids through the Watoto orphanage, and the spiritual inspiration of Christ.

– Then picture teary smiles, and long, energetic chats over coffee in the foyer.

– The host families were most profoundly affected. We’re having a dinner for hosts next weekend to celebrate the effects on us.

– One lady spent $100 on Compassion sponsorships.

– We collected $820 in cash. Plus individuals direct giving, and merchandise sales.

– Neerabup Primary school is doing a uniform free fundraiser this week for Watoto.

– The ripple-effects in people’s hearts towards each other are yet to be measured.

May God continue this move of his spirit to maturity in the people of BG.


Maybe the lull is over? We’ll see.





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