Cheers-log 2005-01

25 January 2005


Time for another update:


Pretty amazing really. We weren’t able to put in heaps of time and effort this last semester, with a new baby arriving Nov 14th (that’s 4 now) and my work schedule involving a trip to Singapore and Thailand, and various WA country locations. And yet the lull was over, and the Cheers movement picked up pace again.


In early December we had a BBQ open to all who identified themselves in some way with the Cheers movement, to celebrate the good events of the year. About 50 attended, )including kids) and another 12 were represented by apologies. So that means that we can definitively say that the “virus has been sneezed,” and at least 60 people in BG now have some of the symptoms.


A list of things we celebrated (some due to our work, some simply answers to prayer.):


    * No damaging fires over summer

    * Decrease in Domestic violence

    * Recovery of some Marriages

    * Quietening of Teen gang

    * Recovery of Broken bodies (including some cancer scares)

    * Homes built & New residents into suburb   

    * Dogs barking less!   

    * New babies

    * “Good” deaths

    * Help with finances 

    * New jobs found

    * Primary school Wakakirri finalists

    * local Bread run!

    * local Santa visit again

    * WATOTO choir

    * gave Parenting courses books for health nurse

    * Food parcels

    * BGCPSchool started

    * Carramar Baps started @ BGCenter

    * 2nd playgroup started

    * Joondalup Drive built

    * first BG family CAMP (Cheers/SU) a success

    * Door hangers for new mums

    * CAROLS organised

    * Redevelopment of BG now taking tenders

    * Finding and borrowing a kilt!

    * Ongoing blessing of playgroup, School, BG Center, Beachway free Café,

    * COW, BGRA, Police, hospitals, etc…

    * Quieter times too

    * People @ basic faith course

    * Pple closer to God (next steps…)

    * 2 Baptisms

    * Birches’ vision for Cheers 24


So that’s a fair bit of action for a little community movement. Our local neighborhood has developed in ways great and small, and we thanked God for all that.


2005 will be our third year. We hope that our credibility will be such that we can go to more deeper conversations about our motives & the central point around Whom our lives revolve.





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