Cheers-log 2005-02

Feb 21 2005

Just a word about “Cheers 24”.

It happens on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month (between Cheers 13).

Its parameters are that it:

– describes overtly where our inspiration and training comes from (Christ)

– involves all ages together

– assumes people don’t mind a bit of Bible and prayer.

It has been evolving by trial and error, but here is our current pattern:

0. People arrive, and the primary aged kids go out and burn off steam, while the older ones have a cuppa

1. During the cuppa, a bit of adult input on the topic…

2. …and dialogue about the topic.

3. Kids come in, and do the topic, pitched at mid primary level. All ages are encouraged to join in the activities and discussions, so that the kids see adults learning, and the adults are not only role models, but are kept in the topic, to learn at a more intuitive level. So what starts out looking like “kids’ stuff” ends up being great for adults too. Well-picked activities are great active-learning experiences for adults.

4. We wrap up with news and prayer, move to the dinner phase. People often discuss with each other their insights gained during part 3, which is in itself a 4th layer of learning.

So far, this mode has proven to be of enormous benefit to us all. And is apparently not offensive to our more fringe participants, I think because they are so actively involved, and don’t feel harangued by a one-way monolog.

Numbers? 8-20 adults + 20 kids (aged 0-16). But I could see it working without major modification for up to 100 adults & kids. Depending on catering.

Not that it needs to go that big: once the relational network is too strained, and/or we have sufficient leadership, we could divide and multiply the meeting, respectfully as inter-linked networks.





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