Cheers-log 2008-03 overview 07

March, 2008

The teenagers & I just painted a racing stripe on the ‘floating car.’ We had a run of neighbors’ and friends’ cars breaking down, leaving them stranded for work, school etc. At about the same time, we heard from the Joondalup crew how they have a car floating around their neighborhood for such emergencies. We thought it a good idea, and then heard from Ken that Michael was ready for their beloved family 89 corolla to go to a good home. We caught up, talked it over, and made the deal – a gift toward the cause. Sal and I pay the rego & insurance as our gift [update: United Credit Union agreed to reimburse us the rego. We now just maintain it.] It’s ready to go. And it does go well. It’s even red!

Looking back: 2007 finished steadily. Good convo’s, neighbors understanding more about Cheers (therefore about Jesus and his Way), the Friday nights with the teens continues to forge mutual respect, community development resurging around the school (Simon becoming part chaplain, part community liason officer, new primary school principal is really switched on), Carols by candle-light going well – except for Santa not showing up (that was pretty embarrassing for us all.) There was a big list of things to thank God for again this year. See below.

Brett, the developers’ community development manager continues to work well. The Round Table functions increasingly well, although we still want more local resident groups there. Liz Prime, the labor candidate at the election, committed the Rudd government to a million dollars towards a safe road crossing for Joondalup drive. Now the local and state governments are ready to review that situation too. We may get a good result yet!

The BGRA has picked up pace, and seems to be more jovial. We still need 4 people to head up the areas of culture, education, economy, and health, but things are happening in 3 of those areas. Also, environment, community, and amenities have their hands full. On the down side, the outgoing committee crew all swear they are happy and still involved, but they haven’t attended anything since July. Not directly linked, there is some evidence of white-anting. Sad, because this can prevent others from joining in, and our whole thrust is to empower others! Am thinking of chasing it up, but another part of me says let action speak for itself. What would you do?

Sally and I were accepted into membership at the more local Banksia Baptist, but (as with Mt Hawthorn, and as with Joondalup Baps) our membership is more in the same way overseas missios are. So we’re not subject to the normal expectations of members, because we’re ‘in the field.’ I reckon that could be the way of the future. Aren’t we all eventually supposed to be that?

We had a string of mediations and counseling happening. Most making progress, some two steps back & forward. We have one good link through Mt Hawthorn to some more specialist conversationalists when needed. We had one person recently do a violent dummy-spit towards us over a mis-understanding. But that was sorted out, and I’m glad to say was a good case-study in graciousness, reprieve, understanding and reconciliation. The whole group handled it really well, and for this particular mum, it was her first time at really reconciling with someone she’d fallen out with. We’re so proud of her for doing that!

The dynamics haven’t changed much numerically. Still only a handful of regulars at Cheers 13, about 6 families at Cheers 24, the wider network of Cheers participants numbers more like a hundred, and the neighbors network beyond that roughly doubles it.

A couple of conversations are getting into the core beliefs, and Easter is a good time to explore that. Please pray for inSpiration as those conversations continue in various formats. We’ll be doing Passover as usual this Maundy Thursday. Probably about 5 families, of various faith-places.

Lotsa love



Plenty to Cheer for! Carols List of things to thank God for in 2007:

New Neerabup Primary School campus! – including $40k grant for IT etc & secure fence; NPS staff, esp. Terri Reid’s years; Chaplain’s extra hours; Food hampers; UWA students camp; Healthy Food program; YMCA before and after care; P&C

BGCPS staff, New Social Worker at BGCPS; P&F; Prizes and awards

New homes & people; Habitat for Humanity houses coming soon

Marriages; Births; Health Nurses

Dinner Club’s free meals; Celebrate Recovery 12 step; AA

Banksia Baptist Church

Community Mural at Peridot park; Farmarama; Family Fun Day; Computer lab

Tan’s New Deli; Policing; Events at BG Centre;

National Day of Thanksgiving; Public Holidays; Our many indigenous and distant cultures

Brad Goodlet (BGP CD Manager)

Cheers Neighbors’ Network; Closer friends, neighbors, families, etc; Action plans (13 ) & Learning (24)

BG Family Camp; BGFamily Camp-from-home; Health & Healing ;

Playgroups; Girl Guides; Passover; Comfort in grief; Threads of Hope; Youth get togethers; Replanting grass trees; Sorry Day Flowers; Carols; Deepening Faith, Hope & Love;

Deliverance; Better Body Buddies; Clean-Up Australia Day; GROWing conversations; Parenting skills; Marriage courses;

The Sneaky Six; Mystery Vandals Of Niceness; Local walks (Leapfrogs & Xmas lights); Whip’rounds to fund needs

BGRA restructure (according CEDP areas: CEDP – Community and Economic Development Plan)

Economy (eg. job creation, business, etc.); Community (eg. clubs, friends, orientation, security); Cultures (eg. a calender of cultural events); Wellbeing (eg. health, food, crisis-care); Education (eg. link needs to providers); Environment (eg. water, energy, bush); Amenities (eg. roads, buildings, transport);

Banksia Nuts newsletter; e-list & <a href=””></a&gt; portal

BG RoundTable; City of Wanneroo breakthroughs; New play gear at BG Centre; Advances with Joondalup Drive crossing;

Free computers; Reduced Vandalism; Employment; Outdoor movies, campfires, games, fondues; BBQs