Cheers-log 2008-04 Dream Camp


April 2008

7 families (of different configurations) went to Busselton for the Banksia Grove Family Camp last week. We ate, laughed & played together, visited caves and wineries, and even roasted marshmellows & damper by the campfire in the evenings. And as much as camp was fun, it was also intentionally designed to develop family friendships – within families, and between families. 

After breaky we had “Family Time” (Transformers: see pic below for whiteboard summary) obj107geo108pg8p24


during which we made Family Flags, Gift Certificates giving justice to people in less well-off circumstances around the world, and at the end we made a dream tree (see other pic) with each submiting leaves containing something of what we dream for – submitted to God’s dream for the world. 


One of the leaves down the bottom left, is by a 6 year old: you might be able to make out a broken heart on the left, an angel in the middle and a rainbow-colored healed heart, and on the top right, an arm with a hand, and a nailprint in that hand. How’s that for a dream!


The Westlake Family Flag depicts our hope that the pieces of the ‘puzzle’ of God’s peace come together. That our pieces are connected to Jesus, but also that we connect to others in the community, too. 


The rest of the day was holidaying, sometimes lazing on the beach, or playing a game, or going out somewhere. (The group photo is taken at Simmo’s Icecreamery.) 

In the evenings we’d have a Dr Seuss storybook, then put the little ones to bed. The older teens and adults would then settle down to intentional conversation about the controversies of the day, and the family times to come for the next day. 

The last night was great feedback. The best camp we’d had yet. People made significant relationship changes with God, themselves, their families, and each other. And the way the kids got on with each other was also an inspiration to us all. So well done everyone.