Cheers-log 2009-03 Cheers 24 Bookmark

Cheers 24 is the Bible-based, all-age learning meeting we have on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month. For some years we have used the SUPPER format, to ensure all the key elements of the meeting were in place.

But late last year we reviewed this, and found that not many people were embracing the task of preparing parts of SUPPER, so it was falling back to me and Sally. As a matter of discipleship, we’ve always been concerned to encourage people to contribute rather than merely consume.

So we came up with a simple bookmark (below) to help people bring something to contribute. We make sure people know the next passage we’ll be looking at (this week is Luke 9). Between now and then, we all read the passage, DISCOVER what we can from it, and pull together something to CONTRIBUTE to the next Cheers 24. 

So far so good: Luke 1-8 have been utterly fantastic!