Cheers-log 2009-02

March 2009

Seems like last month, not last year, that we were reporting on 2008 camp. Now we have 2009 camp coming up soon. So let me fill in a little of the gap…

  • mvnSome “Mystery Vandals of Niceness” made some sturdy play gear, and put it in the bush where children play. It’s still there going strong. 
  • BG Residents Association is still functioning healthily. But a few of the stalwarts felt the load heavily over the summer. This probably had to do with the fact that just before Christmas, CB and I had to attend urgent council meetings to get a proper review of the Joondalup Drive safe-crossing. The good result is that a feasibility study will now be conducted “including the community’s terms of reference.” That’s a pretty big deal – we get to set the terms of reference, and the council has already said they’ll do what the feasibility study says! So we’ve done all we can now. 
  • sitg“Spring in the Grove” happened in November. A big event at the primary school & oval, with 50 stalls, and a few thousand residents passing through. Sounds like a good story, but to be honest, most people passed through like good consumers looking for bargains, then returning home to their suburban-hovels. It didn’t serve to build relationships – except for those who worked together to do the events, or the stalls. Spring in the Grove will happen again this year, but I don’t think Cheers will have a stall next time. Instead we’ll try roaming around picking up rubbish, meeting people & signing them up for ongoing community involvements. 
  • Third Sunday Sports keeps going, but 5th Sunday market has lapsed – a lot harder to run. 
  • The Banksia Grove Round Table has had virtually everything you can think of on the agenda: property development, council issues, approvals, school curriculum, values, relationships, crime prevention… But also it keeps the key leaders in BG in good working relationships.
  • Auskick was trialed in 2008, and will continue in 2009. i might take some of my kids up there. 
  • New appointments to befriend: Principal, State MLA, Federal MP, a full-time staff worker at the BG Centre. (They all look to run programs…)
  • Sally trialled a Playgroup at the local school kindy – which became 2 playgroups. The idea is to familiarize the kids with the school room, and habits before they start kindy. It worked really well, and also because the mums were on a relational footing with Sally. The venture has continued into this year, and is run by Cheers people, under the auspice of Baptist Church, at the local school, with funding from the school and P&C. Ah, the power of good relationships. 
  • img_0110Cheers played a large part in the Carols on the Oval again: local school and oval, developers’ fireworks, Banksia Baptist’s band, Cheers MC & lights & relationships. About 600 attended – about right for our neighborhood. Lots of lingering chat.


2009 started well, with some rest for the weary.

With Cheers 24, we continue to use a new “Bookmark” method. More next post…