Introducing Geoff

Primary School:

Our guest today is Mr Geoff Westlake. You can call him Mr Geoff. He visits lots of schools doing Christian education presentations like we’ll see today. Today he’s talking about ________. Please welcome Mr Geoff Westlake.

High School:

Our guest today is Geoff Westlake, who works for an Outreach organisation teaching practical Christianity. His very useful sessions are always “Rated R – for Religious,” so there will be something for your heart, mind and maybe your soul today. The topic is ________. Please welcome Geoff Westlake.


Geoff Westlake is our camp speaker. Among other things, he has been a footballer, truck driver, church minister, and company director. He lives in Banksia Grove (north of Perth) with his wife and 4 kids, where they volunteer in their local neighborhood. He works for an Outreach organisation called OAC Ministries, teaching practical Christianity at many schools, camps, churches and the like. I invite you to open your ears and your hearts, to Mr Geoff Westlake.


Geoff Westlake has been a laborer, truck driver, footballer, and is an accredited Baptist minister volunteering with Cheers, a faith-based Neighbourhood Outreach auspiced by Scripture Union. Geoff lives in Banksia Grove, north of Perth, with his wife and 4 kids, where they live out a practical kind of Christianity. He is a staff Outreach Specialist with OAC Ministries, where he is also the WA Director, and the National Coordinator. His Outreach Ministries mostly involve youth, family camps, and schools. Church Ministries include assisting churches with community outreach. Please welcome… 


Geoff Westlake works for OAC Ministries, a non-denominational outreach organisation presenting Good News in Good Ways. He’s a Baptist reverend, married to an Anglican-Uniting girl, sends his kids to Catholic schools, and attends a non-denominational church. He voluntarily runs the Cheers Neighbors’ Network in Banksia Grove under the auspices of Scripture Union WA. He is in good standing with the Nyoongar-Whadjuk people, and assists the multi-faith group Together for Humanity when they are in town. From that broad platform, please welcome Mr Geoff Westlake.


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