Life Sharing training

What if we Shared Life with people like Jesus did – out and about, in everyday life?


LifeSharing” training is a checklist of the lost arts of relationships:

  • the interplay between the ‘vertical and horizontal’ relationships;
  • contact, connect, communicate and continue with neighbors and friends;
  • co-operating with others, and growing in sensitivity, inSpiration, and skills.

LifeSharing is about caring deeply, genuinely and intentionally. And about growing together to maturity.

lshomeIn 6 hours, this short-course can’t give you everything you’ll need. But it will introduce you to the basic elements you’ll need, in such a way that you’ll at least be able to identify what you have, and don’t have, so you can prepare, begin, and/or continue more effectively. Participants all come out with a personalized plan of action, to actually share Life.

Contact for a Conversation:


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