Cheers-log 2009-04 Bee Attitudes Family Camp

7 families for 5 days. Purpose: to build relationships between family members, between families, and between them & God – expressed by living the Bee Attitudes in Banksia Grove. Many attendees wouldn’t call themselves Christians, but all found the input good value. 

Dreamworks’s Bee Movie is about how every little job is important. That’s true in BG. We need to have that Christ-like attitude that the Bees learned…

The outline that emerged on the whiteboard during the week, tracked the fun & informative “Family Times,” during which all campers learned together, about Jesus’ Beattitudes, as very practical ways to live. 


There was always:
an object lesson (infinity shape passing through paper, pictures of poverty, honeycomb, a mud-filled orange)
coloring in for the littleies (to do with Bees doing the Beattitudes); 
– a story describing the Bee Attitude (Red Hen, Owen’s story, Cheers’ story, Bee sincerity); 
Jesus’ actions embodying it (living the life-giving life, siding with us, grieving for us, resolving to do something for us, creating justice between us and God, being kind to us,doing it in a pure way, making peace, enduring, and enabling us to endure); 
– a memorable way to memorize it;

bee poor & receive heaven’s more
bee sad, God’ll make you glad
bee mad (yet restrained), Earth’s to be had (gained)
bee fair, God’ll fill your share
bee kind, God’ll be kind in kind
bee pure, see God for sure
bee peace-makin, become God’s children 
bee tough, Heaven’s enough
bee tough, God rewards us

– a craft for families to do together (a family hexagon depicting the world they’re working towards, a mirror covered in shells with the caption ‘bee the change you want to see,’ a pin-prick light picture showing ways they are light in the world, and symbols made of Femo to remind them to tough it out); 
– a campfire discussion for the adults each night.

As hoped, the series had the dual purpose of showing Jesus cross, resurrection and Spirit, as well as practical ways to live the revolutionary life (starkly different to the consumer life on TV). The whole camp was a wholistic growing experience.