20 Questions


Here are 20 questions commonly asked of my trade



Faith Questions

How do you know GOD exists?

Wasn’t JESUS just a man?

Isn’t the BIBLE just unbelievable myths & legends?

How can the miracles really be possible?

Won’t a good life get me into heaven?

How can I believe a God who allows so much suffering?


Conversation “Killers”

Aren’t all religions the same anyway? 

Why must Christianity be the only way? 

Don’t religions cause all the wars

Why not get rid of all religions & be tolerant

Isn’t everything relative

Isn’t Christianity just a psychological phenomenon?

We are all God aren’t we? We just need to realize it. 


Church background objections

Why is the church full of so many hypocrites?  

So many denominations, how can we believe any of them?

What about those who have never heard?

Why would our little sins even matter to God? 

How can a loving God, Judge & allow HELL to exist? 

Isn’t the Trinity too confusing and unnecessary? 

Isn’t God cruel to kill his own Son?