Geoff W 001

What does “techno-savvy” mean?

It’s knowing which medium (or technology) to use to communicate best. And it’s NOT always powerpoint! 

One of our endorsements says we’re “techno-savvy,” and yet many of the pics on this site show the use of cardboard & sketchboard – what the?… That’s for two reasons: One – no photographers happened to really click us using powerpoint; and two – oftentimes more simple media work better. You have to know when.

Sometimes less is more. Too much screen work can distract from your biggest asset – yourself. If people are bedazzled by the screen, they don’t see the integrity in your eyes, the non-verbal cues in your body language, the intensity or relationship inherent in you. It’s not meant to be speaking for you. If it’s simply showing an outline of words, then it’s distracting people from your non-verbals. 

Using powerpoint well means you’re bringing a visual element to what you’re saying: maybe photos of what you’re actually talking about, or a highly symbolic image, or maybe the way you layout the words can relate to the concept itself and make it memorable. That’s it – that’s pretty much all you want to use ppt for. Oh, and doing a movie clip as long as it’s to-the-point.

But other technology is effective for other reasons:

  • Drawing pictures as you go, can be mesmerizing! People love watching art appear before their eyes (hence sketchboard)
  • A trick, an object lesson, illustrates visually, without distracting from you, because your interaction with it means they still see your eyes, your non-verbals.
  • Cardboard & props mean you are not relying on electricity to make your point interesting, plus old-school is interesting. 
  • Whiteboard or sketchboard too, can show the flow of the argument, without distracting from you. 
  • Stories, jokes, body-language, voice – all time-honored tools of effective communicators, because there is no substitute for eye-to-eye, face-to-face, person-to-person communication. 

So be savvy about your choice and use of technology.