Where is your church in the APEST cycle?
(or APEPT – Eph 4:11)

In each phase, OAC (as specialists in the traveling mode) can offer different assistance to help build up the local church. This symbiosis can spread the gospel pollen much more effectively.

A)postle. Start-up. Pioneering.Clarifying the DNA of the movement (Seeing God, Prayer, learning, loving, serving & explaining). Oriented on transforming the neighborhood & beyond. Geoff & SUNO/ForgeWA can help clarify a lot of foundational mission thinking.

P)rophet. Credibility. Be the change you want to see. Care, serve, be involved in the local community. Geoff can help you contact & connect with your neighbors & discover the skills of sharing life. If you’re doing this you’re ready for phase E.

E)vangelist. Inspiring. Now you can share & explain your faith, because they’ve seen it in action. Geoff can refine & enable your inspirers to do it respectfully, clearly, empowered-ly. When you have people’s ears, don’t blow it. Present well, whether up front or behind the scenes. This is OAC’s specialty.

S)hepherd. Healing. As people who want to follow Jesus, we soon realize our brokenness, and need the pastoral care to find enough healing to go further. But there are some basics to learn during this time, a “baton” of teaching to be passed on. Geoff can identify these core beliefs & practices. The rest is specific to each person’s needs.

T)eacher. Deepening. When sufficiently healed and grounded, you can more ably understand deeper teachings, and maturing is putting those things into practice. Among those practitioners will be pioneers… APEs… and so it continues.

And then? Well, normally by then the Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist types, the APE’s, are ready to use their gifts again, so you will have already encouraged them to start something new, whether a new outreach or a new plant. And this new start will be brewing by the time the students of the teachers are ready to try out their gifts.

A truly dynamic church will give genuine opportunities for all 5 ministries at the same time, emphasizing particular elements as needed, to keep the cycle cycling.

So… look at the church page for some ideas.