We’re now taking orders for the Core Stuff dvd series.

On a stormy weekend in Perth, Western Australia, a miracle happened [besides the healing of camera two – also caught on film]: Geoff’s Core Stuff teachings were finally recorded! Refined through camps and outreaches to teens and adults, this is the Core Stuff that people need to know in order to decide to follow Jesus. And many have made that decision based on this material.

This series feeds  the heart, mind, soul, and action. This is no fancy, big-budget production, just a simple, thorough explanation. It can be used as a research tool for its content. Or to introduce friends to details that most of us don’t have at our fingertips. Geoff’s casual yet compelling style communicates across a wide range of hearers.


It’s 6 hours of input:
*Jesus’ Life & Teachings
[plus Suffering, & Trinity, just for fun.]

Transcripts with further material will become available online, so watch this space.

4 dvd set, for AU$25.
This small run is being prepared first, and from this it may be picked up and remastered to be published more widely – but who knows how much it will cost then.

You may order now, via email:


2 thoughts on “CORE STUFF orders

  1. Hi Geoff
    are you having a screening at your place next Tuesday? I’m pretty sure I can’t get there, but you never know..

  2. No. Tuesday is just the deadline for getting an idea of how many sets to get made up this first time around.

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