Cheers-log 2009-09 Communitas

It’s more than community – which can just be living well with others, in a form of unity & respect. Community is OK, it’s good – it’s far better than isolation. Or being enemies.

But lately, Sal & I have been wanting …more.


Communitas the bond of friendship forged between committed participants through experiencing an ordeal together, or sharing the load of working towards a higher purpose.

It’s the kind of bond between soldiers, or young initiates forced relied on each other to survive their initiation ordeals. It’s footballers who would never dream of deserting their mates during a match, but put their body on the line. It doesn’t come from just saying it should: it comes as a by-product of something greater than us.

Communitas isn’t a warm, relaxing space where you can come and go as you please. Communitas requires commitment, integrity, hard work, and courage. In short, communitas is about love. – Mike Frost

True peers. Comrades who share our commitment, & share our higher purpose in life, in this place. Dependable friends who have their own dream and drive, taking their own initiatives in concert with us.

There are some such people here. One or two are very close to us, & committed to the cause. Yet I guess we just want more of them. More friends who:

  • share that committed bond with us or with others, of commitment to the higher purpose of making real the Dream of a better world in BG & beyond.
  • share the communitas of equally appreciating how the spiritual dimensions drive and empower the rest of our life & actions, and aren’t afraid to talk about it, to grow in it as we encourage each other along.
  • share the communitas of parenting with wholistic values, upholding clear moral & ethical frameworks, to give our kids confidence to grow & learn & act, in a culture that seems to have no real clarity, confidence, or direction.

And we’d like our kids to find peers among families that share communitas with us: so that they can see good role models outside the family, so they can have peers who support them through the cruel sensitivities of teen years, and so they can see that finding & developing their higher purposes in the world, is something that other people do besides their own family.

Something worth the ordeal.

07GWtube copyWe want communitas, and we’re talking openly about this with a few families at the moment. We’re dreaming, and asking what are their dreams they can’t do alone. And as those separate dreams become clear, we hope a big dream will emerge, one that is dependent on all of our little ones,  and deeply shared by us all.

And that will shape the future of Cheers into 2010.

And as we pursue that big dream together, we hope we will also find more communitas, for us our families, and beyond.