Baden Powell Water Spout

I’ve been speaking at SU Camp Canoemup since the late 80’s, and occasionally thought of shooting Baden Powell Water Spout – a good grade 3 rapid with a drop into a stopper that could be real trouble. [Don’t worry mums, we don’t let the campers near it!]

But (thanks to EODD & 7MM) this year was my year to go for it. I thought, “I’m fit enough, I’ve sussed out this rapid long enough. I’ve seen it worse. I have the skills. Let’s do it.”

The conversation on the rocks surveying it went something like, “Looks OK… maybe a bit tricky there…”  “Where would you go… down the left, for sure…” “the right could work as long as you stayed a bit right of the rock…” “Yeah but costly if you stack it…” etc. Then, “you gonna do it?” “Hm, I dunno. Dunno if I should, dunno what’s under there… You gonna do it?” “Ooo, dunno – but Geoff’s contemplating it, I can tell!”

“Yep. I am.”

And that was enough. I turned and loaded up. And went.

A happy camper. At some point, to overcome, we have to go through.