Copenhagen 15 – legislate now

Even IF all the climate change science is incorrect and it’s just a climatic burp (shyah!)… we still need to develop the green economy sooner, not later!!!

  • Fossil fuels are finite resources, due to run out soon enough. So dependance on these fuels is surely folly. We need to go the green economy sooner, not later!!! Renewables are the future. This is unarguable!
  • It will take so long for our economic systems to change, that we’d better start now, before we run out.
  • The sooner we start, the more green infrastructure poor countries will be able to copy. And the less dirty infrastructure they’ll have to undo later.
  • Starting now is our cheapest option. If global warming is actually correct, the longer we wait, the worse it will be. And the more expensive to change. Why take that chance – especially since we’ve got to go green eventually anyway. Of course it will cost – but building a green infrastructure now is cheaper than undoing a dirty one and trying to cobble together a green one later. I’m willing to pay more now to invest in a sustainable future. Heck I already do. And I’d do more if the opportunities would come.
  • Legislation can do it.  That’s what Copenhagen 15 is for. Market forces can’t do it, since business doesn’t have a long enough perspective (nor a social conscience.)
  • The sooner we start, the cleaner the air. The less global dimming will mask the true impact of global warming. And the sooner we can reverse global warming (if we can.)
  • The sooner we act, the less they suffer. Poorer countries suffer first: the rising financial cost of dirty technology and its inevitable retraction, rising sea levels in low-lying pacific islands, marginal land, worsening weather patterns, crop failure & all attending famine consequences. So while westerners have the luxury of debating, the poor already feel it first hand.
  • Humans have a history of civilizations dying out due to unsustainable environmental practices: Angkor, Easter Island, Greenland, Tikal, Anasazi, Montana, Aussie salination. With over 6 billion people and an exponentially expanding population on the planet, assuming we’ll be fine is not an option.

So please, let’s not waste time arguing about whether Al Gore exaggerated, or how oil companies fund campaigns against climate science. The issue is bigger than that!

EVEN IF the climate science is wrong (which I don’t think it is)
we still have to get off fossil fuels, and into a green economy.
…And it’s in our global interests to do it sooner than later.

So enough with the short term thinking of the powerful in Copenhagen. Listen to the people. Let common sense prevail. And come up with a legally binding agreement – for 300 ppm.

PS. Is there a particularly Christian view I would add to this?

Yes of course: God told the human race to look after Creation.