BOOST for thoughtful junior youth Apr 16,17

This is coming up – should be brill:  Boost Core Stuff Flyer.v2

Calling all thoughtful junior youth

That’s right, this isn’t for just anyone.
It’s for those who want a real boost to their faith!

WOW! – 2 days worth! I know!
Plus, you can ask the speaker (me) whatever you want about the subject. Cos it’s live.
Plus, you can bring friends who aren’t even Christians yet, if they’re interested to know more. This is ideal if you’ve ever wanted to get someone to explain it all to them for ya!
Plus, you’re likely to meet other thoughtful junior youth there! That’s right, you’re not the only one 😉
Grown-ups can come too, but it’s pitched at junior youth, so they’ll have to put up with that 😉
And if parents don’t come, they can come early on the Saturday (about 430pm), to get a kind of summary of what you’ve been learning.
So – go ask your folks,
and get your responses in asap, to Chris: 0412 474 765,


0411 324245