Topics – Primary School

Rob Adams does most of the school seminars for primary school, so I can focus more attention on the particular needs of High Schoolers. However, I still do some primary schools.

  • Freddy Fury’s First Feelings – Anger defusing: don’t just manage anger – defuse it! Remove yourself, Resolve the underlying emotion driving it, and then Restore the relationship. Religious bit: Jesus Restoring our relationship with God.
    This goes best when staff have been trained beforehand, and as many parents as well. This is a very helpful technique.
  • Attitude of Gratitude – gratefulness: A humorous story of Michael, whose bad manners and selfishness introduces the need to be thankful. Who should we thank? Why should we appreciate what we have and are given? Religious bit: we have much to be grateful for from God.
  • Aussies and God – heritage: numerous elements in Aussie culture remind us of God, including a story of aboriginal tribal tradition, and the Australian Flag. Religious bit: it’s not un-Australian to believe in God.
  • Lies, Stealing and Stuff – honesty: Respect people and their property, is good for you as well as them. Religious bit: forgiveness can help you start fresh.
  • Garbage In Garbage Out – input: Helps kids choose wisely what they spend their time doing and being exposed to. Religious Bit: Whatever is good, dwell on these things.
  • Making Choices – choice-making: a simple model of clear thinking. Religious Bit: Godly values are a positive and worthy factor in your choices.
  • Easter: we have numerous Easter presentations, as they build up each year. This year its…
    • Benjamin’s Box – Launching from the book by Melody Carlson, this seminar gives: the culturally significant box of memories in the Easter accounts; plus info on why Christians pray today; the general message to live open-heartedly in the present day (not to put God in a box). Uses multimedia of images, true stories, objects, an Easter egg game, and a paper trick.
  • Easter Dominoes – is great any time of year: historical findings about the resurrection, and reasonable ideas that domino from it. Religious Bit: education about the meaning of Good Friday and Easter Sunday.
  • Christmas: likewise we have numerous Christmas presentations that are in high demand each year.