Treading On God’s Heels

My First Book!

If you’ve tried to approach the Core Spiritual Stuff of life before, and thought, ”there must be a better way!”…well, you were probably right. There are better ways!

Treading on God’s Heels is not about what the Core Stuff might be, but just ways to approach the core, whatever it is.

What approach do you need right now?


1. Exercising your Spirit: how life is better when you align with divine dimensions

2. Growing through Stages: different approaches for different stages

3. A Satisfied Mind: finding enough reason

4. Spiritual Experiences: encountering other-dimensional realities

5. Healthy Emotions: tapping & expressing how you feel, with arts, music, & stories

6. Real Relationships: organic, trusting, friendship

7. Practical Actions: practical spirituality that builds a better world

8. Core Integrity: how to integrate approaches for a robust spirituality.

9. Choosing Exercise: what approaches do you, or your loved ones, need right now

People need different approaches (to the same core stuff) at different times in their life.  Don’t give up – find an approach that matches you.

Your loved ones need that, too. So where there may currently be conflict about approaches to faith, this book can bring mutual understanding and appreciation of the different approaches needed.


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