UFC and JC

“Who likes the UFC?”

[For those who don’t have digital TV yet, the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) is mixed martial arts cage matches. Supervised closely, but it’s real fighting.]

With rare exceptions, females hate it, males love it!

Watch your teenagers react – it has captured the imagination of the lads. It’s influence is felt when I speak to teens about violence – I have to name UFC, and explain that for them to do it, is like shooting a gun: it’s illegal to do outside the right time and place!

My wife and I are no exception. No self-respecting nurturer wants to see blood spilled, especially not for sport. Is this the start of the slippery slope back to the gladiatorial bouts of decadent Rome? But the other half of us see past the barbary, to bravery, honor, and self-controlled strength – like in the contact sports I played, only more raw.

In times of peace, we’d like to think Jesus would disapprove of all violence. But Jesus suffered his blows, and throwing the devil and demons into the pit indicates that, at some level, a painful battle is waged, overcoming sin and death.

We are to defend the weak, and have to face the fearful reality that, at any time, we may be called to suffer and fight the good fight, like Jesus did – often armed only with spiritual weapons. Not just shadow boxing, but real fighting where we could get hurt in all kinds of ways. Not just time, money, & inconvenience, but yes including physically!

The UFC reminds us of a basic question: Am I willing to endure the fear and pain to join the battle before me? Or will I just watch others?