Canoemup Meximo Roll

You’ve heard of the Mexican Wave, and maybe you’ve heard of the Eskimo Roll (to flip a capsized kayak back up.)Put them together, and what do you have? Is it a Meximo Roll or a Meskimo Wave?

Canoemup this year went very well. We knew it would be one of the easiest Canoemups on record, with the lowest water levels I’ve seen for this time of year, cruisey¬†accommodation, beautiful sunny weather. So we prayer for a tough challenge to harden them up, but without anyone suffering a trauma. On the 4th day, campers went on as long a paddle as we’ve ever done, and then had to hike out of the valley for two hours. It all took 3 or 4 hours longer than expected, and campers returned starving & aching, but rapt about their achievements. It bonded them really well. And no trauma.

Meanwhile the camp leaders including a handful of young new ones, all contributed their special talents, which ensured all the gaps were filled and everyone was an essential and valued contributer. The campers started becoming that too.

The messages I gave were about Joining the Dots of revelation – a stretch I thought for these year 8-10 students, as it was written more for Uni-level. But they stretched and got it, with two thirds indicating a strong resolve to get back closer in following Jesus. And the remainder registering a determination to live more intentionally instead of wandering along in life.

Ah yes. Another year, another excellent Camp Canoemup.