BOOST for 10-14 year-olds: Apr 1-2


Please spread this BOOST flyer far and wide, as soon as you can.

We’re looking for 10-14 year olds, who have a thirst for knowledge... to give them a “BOOST” between camps and other good input. (Most junior youth events cater for the lowest common denomoinator, which can frustrate the kids who want to dig deeper. This is for them. Grounding the Gospel for Geeks, y’might say.)

BOOST is a state-wide, open event for all, but designed for 10-14 age-range. So anyone is welcome if they’re happy to fit in. There will be some games and eats, but mainly learning, so bring notepad, pen & Bible.

Please pass this on to others who you know could use a real BOOST!

Boost Emmaus Flyer.pdf

About BOOST:
BOOST started after the filming of the Core Stuff DVDs, which were pitched at older teens and adults. A smart 10 year old in the audience said she wished she could invite her friends to something like it. So we arranged it and she did! And they loved it too!

“I loved the way you spoke about God to us. It made me understand a lot, it was so inspiring. Every time you spoke you made everything around me stop to focus on the words that were coming out of your mouth, and how deeply they were going into my heart. Your talks gave me the heart and strength to decide to be a believer again. Thank you so much. I learnt a whole lot of information and evidence about God that helped me make my decision.” – 14 year old camper.

“These talks have opened my eyes to why it is important to love & believe in God, even at the hardest of times. I always had a little feeling, “what if the Bible isn’t real.” But the history was so informative.” – 14 year old.

This year we’re doing four big sessions on the Emmaus Eavesdrop, what Jesus might have said when he “explained to them what was said about himself in all the Scriptures, beginning with the books of Moses and the writings of all the prophets.” Please join our prayer that BOOST would cause their hearts to burn within them too.

“Geoff’s talks have been some of the best God-based stuff I have ever heard…” – camper 15

“Thanks Geoff. Your preaching has changed me inside out!” – camper 13

Parents are encouraged to come and listen in to the feedback session during the last hour, to hear what their kids found most helpful at BOOST.

$30 for 4 sessions of deep input (including games and meals.) BAAAARGAIN!

Please forward this on. Announce it in church etc.
And book through Chris Roberts at Scarboro Church of Christ.