Together For Humanity

Together For Humanity is a great incursion for schools, in which a Jew, a Muslim, and a Christian run a program together. TFH openly addresses differences and stereo-types, and misunderstandings about people unlike “us.”

"An imam, a rabbi, and a minister went into a school..."

Plus TFH shows how in many ways we can work productively together, without ever having to ask one another to compromise our own faiths.  In fact TFH will help set up aid projects that your students can do together with students from other religious schools.

I’m willing to participate in this, because we have to teach students how to practically work together with people quite different than us, without ignoring each other’s spiritual perspectives as if they don’t matter. They do matter – profoundly. But we can still work together.

TFH doesn’t go into how to discuss the differences in depth. But we do model that. TFH’s primary brief is to show how to work together despite differences.

My own OAC school seminars also show why religion/spiritual issues really matter, how integrated into life they are. I show that from a Christian point of view, but also model how to look into spiritual beliefs without condemning others. TFH is one way I do that.

The website is And Rabbi Zalman Kastel describes it on youtube.