I am increasing haunted by these titration experiments we did back when I was in School. We would add, and add, and add the dye, and nothing seemed to happen. Add. Add. One drop at a time. Add. Add. Nothing, nothing. Add, then suddenly one drop pushed the experiment over the tipping point, the liquid changed color, and the megashift happened! All from one little drop!

Why do titrations haunt me? Because our planet is undergoing a series of giant titrations. The ocean, air, soil, the whole biosphere, (not to mention cultures & economies) are all changing a drop at a time. And yet although we hear the gloomy predictions, many people seem to think the change will happen slowly, “so when we see significant changes happening, we’ll do something about it then, because we’ll know our limitations and will deal with it.”

But with titrations, when you see something happen, it’s already too late!!!

Our global environment is titrating.

Furthermore, we have not even acted well upon the significant changes which have already happened.

– 90% of our oceans’ food stocks have gone in the last 50-100 years, but there is no comprehensive shift in our behavior.

– There is still no real effort for a comprehensive shift away from our unsustainable oil-based economy. We are reaching the exponential “runaway” points with energy, air, food-production, water…

Our governments and businesses need to hit the brakes hard now. Or the bigger the crash later.

Drip. Drip. Drip…