Prayer Answers Glen Echo 2011

The answers to prayer at Glen Echo 2011 were wonderful. Below is a picture of the prayer list we (campers and leaders voluntary prayer time) referred to throughout the week.

Some highlights to explain are:
– ‘unusual signs’ means signs of God’s presence above and beyond normal, which really seem miraculous.
– we pretty much never see a snake at Glen Echo, but this time about a dozen tiger snakes were spotted. We felt surrounded but yet protected.
– During one prayer time, at the same time independently, Mel and I pulled out our iphones to look up verses we had been given, we read them out and they dovetailed perfectly: Matt 16:25 about giving our lives to God to save it, and 2Tim1:12 about knowing that God is able to keep what we commit to him until that day. One camper verbalized that this nudged his faith ‘over the line.’
– When the wind is strong and against you, paddling can be hard and not fun for year 8’s. But each time we turned into the wind the wind dropped or changed direction!
– A camper wrote a song and we were all belting out his loving lyrics, “Karen and Ray, We love you!” and at exactly that moment a cloud in the sun setting sky shaped into a very obvious heart-shape, providing a wonderful climax to the song, the sentiment, and the camp.

I received two great encouragements from some of you too, which I’d like to share with the rest of you.

– One said they’d also like to hear more from us in our struggles, not just for the big events.
– One said, “Thanks for inviting me to pray – it gave me that little extra discipline and focus.”

It’s good to know that my prayer for you is also being answered, that you will be blessed by praying for us.