Invention of Lying

The Invention of Lying

If you want to look through the eyes of an atheist without being harshly insulted, this is a good movie for you. (If not, you won’t miss much.) Ricky Gervais wrote, directed, produced, and starred in this movie – he put his back into it, to have his say about Christianity.

It’s a grossly simplistic caricature of faith that he dismisses, as if believers are all gullible and un-sceptical, as if religion is all well-intentioned lies, and it seems plausible because there are well-intentioned lies and some gullible people around. However those are marginal issues to sift out to get to the truth.

Try looking for evidences FOR God. Yes, there are plenty. It’s a myth that “you can’t prove it so you have to take it all on faith.” There is evidence to consider, like people’s spiritual and after-death experiences, miracles, quantum sciences’ awareness of “other dimensions,” and historical/legal evidences. It is true that none alone can force a person to believe (apparently God wants to maintain that freedom for us), but taken together they are pretty impressive, such that faith can be very reasonable, the simplest explanation for all the evidence. So…

What would I say to Ricky? “Start with Jesus.”

Try looking at the evidence available for the resurrection. It can’t be dismissed without looking honestly at the evidence. The fact that “people don’t rise from the dead” is exactly what makes it paradigm-shifting evidence of the Divine.

Then consider the dominoes that tumble with the historical resurrection.
– If Jesus rose from the dead as he (and prophets centuries before him) predicted,
– then he is evidence of an afterlife, and it gives credence to his claim to be divine, along with his life, words and deeds.
– Which begs the question: what was “The Divine” doing dying on a Cross?
– Answer: Making us right with God. “He took our sins on his body on the cross,” as prophesied centuries earlier by Isaiah. “God made Him who had no sin, to become sin for us, so that we might become the righteousness of God.”
– Which means we can be confident about God loving and accepting us.
– Which means we can have His Spirit in us, which he offers to help us live better in this life and through to the next.
– Not only is He Divine, he is worthy of our loyalty.

Some of us do not fit the caricature of gullible faith portrayed in this movie. Perhaps Ricky would do well to take a look through our eyes.