Why do it?

Why do presentations like this?

In Australia “religion is meant to be a private thing, isn’t it?”

Yes, in the sense that your decision is yours to make for yourself. And no, in the sense that you should not have to decide in a vacuum. The whole subject should not be taboo, which would only raise the level of ignorance and error. Plus our real beliefs (ie how we make sense of the world) do affect how we treat others, which in turn affects how others treat us! Our private beliefs always have public outcomes.

In fact sooner or later, everyone asks good religious questions, and should have access to good expertise. If there’s a God, we want to know enough about that, to make informed decisions.

Such presentations can clarify life-changing issues, change ways of thinking, behaving, & being. They can even give us the Spirit to keep becoming better people: they in-Spire.

“It is not enough for us, as human beings, just to live. We also must give words to what we are living. Through the word, we appropriate and internalize what we are living.” – Henri Nouwen

The question is not whether to have such presentations, but how to do them well.