Cheers-log 2011-07 Steering

From the Steering meeting yesterday:

1. We articulated ground-rules for how we behave when together, just as a way of managing any lazy defaults that might otherwise creep in. (These can be reviewed at anytime.)

In Meetings: friendly, inclusive, open, non-judgemental, safe, supportive, ‘out-of-box’ (not stuck in own little world), flexible, educational (taking ownership of our own learning), contributions from all, no over-talking, no waffling, quiet play for toddlers, summarize (one thing), more time for people to download at start.

The Leader: reminder email, prepared (put together MC agenda), some good theological input, boundaries on kids, keep group on track.

Team Relating: be in communication, eat with each other, help for a date night /respite, trust enough to conflict well. (Trust>conflict>commit>account>results)

The leader (usually me), will be evaluated by the group as to how well I keep us to these agreed ground-rules.

2. C24 Contributions: Also we discussed how some feel “intimidated” about coming to Cheers 24 because everyone is expected to contribute something about the topic. Actually it’s not so much intimidated as uncomfortable if they didn’t bring something, and if they did, scared they might be wrong. We agreed to:

  • Maintain the expectation that all contribute, but make sure we don’t make anyone feel lesser if they don’t, and are careful with people’s contributions to ensure they feel safe and loved with it. Encourage the activist, contributor DNA.
  • Revisit resource books, and the bookmark of starter ideas. And the different pathways of expressions of learning/worship.

3. Next Topic for Cheers 24 will be key chapters from the Emmaus Road conversation (Luke 24) when Jesus explained about the prophecies concerning him. This solid foundation will help firm up people’s foundations when they have doubts about the Christian life. And after, it looks like we might revisit the Beatitudes again. Sounds great.

Shortly I will edit this blog to add those key chapters for the Emmaus Road series. Obviously next C24 will be Luke 24.