Cameron’s footy debut

How many dads get to play with their son in their first game of real footy?

Sure the age-span was abnormal, and yes it was a game for teenagers at Scripture Union’s Footy Camp, but they were under-manned and could use both a 44 year old and an 8 year old. It was real footy with real umpires, rules, jumpers and ball.

Cameron did great! He played forward pocket, and fed me at least 4 goals, plus other assists to other players too. His hands were sure, he kicked straight, & hand-passed well. The campers didn’t tackle him hard of course, but that was the rule anyway – big kids go easy on small kids. But he had to make his own plays.

One big highlight for me was Cam marking my 35m pass to him. He took it cleanly, then waited for me to make position to pass it to me for a goal. Here’s that kick to me:

Proud? Me? Oh you bet I am!!!


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