Spiritual Guidance

At Glen Echo 2012, a camper asks, “how do you know if you have God’s Spirit in you.” I start replying, then Emma Kelly shows up at the tent door, dropping in on camp for the morning. We pause to welcome her…

…then as I resume answering the question, something from Emma’s ordeal comes to mind, which she confirms:

Hurt, part-blinded, and lost in Argentinian bushland, Emma had been trying to make her way down to safety, following streams downhill… a good, Bear-Grylls-ish idea!
But as prayer for her safety increased, Emma received a counter-intuitive, but pressing inspiration to “head up.” Obeying this inner prompting, she soon came to a track where she was found by a hiker and spotted by choppers, and brought to safety.

Bear Gryll’s (in his book, Mud Sweat and Tears) says, “always listen to the Voice.” He too knows what God’s guidance is.

And in this bit of film you are watching me being guided, too!