Conviction to do

Over-conferenced? It’s like trying to drink from a fire-hydrant, isn’t it! Everywhere I look there’s another one advertised: Transform, Surrender, Re-imagine, Sentralize, Renew, Forge, Focus, an endless stream of freakin’ excellent teaching!

a). After a while, I realize,I can’t go to them all! I can’t do what they’re saying because my diary is too full of hearing it being said! When all is said and done, is more said than done? Sure, I know we have to learn stuff that we don’t know and that’s humble and right, but eventually there’s a point when you start hearing the same themes repeating, when you know enough to get started, and the rest is on a need to know basis. Failing to act then cos you might miss something… may be just paranoid.

I have to choose. I have to do. What is it that I am going to do – at the expense of other options/conferences (good and right as they may be)? I choose to embrace the consequences of doubts like, what if I’m wrong, what if there’s something better later! Let those chips fall where they may! What am I convinced of the truth about, enough that I will do it – regardless of the “successfulness” of it, but rather I do it because it’s right/true/good? What does God require of me? Not you, others, them. Me. Us. You?

That’s why we developed Cheers, and why we continue to love these people, regardless of plateau or troughs.

Apologies to all those conferences out there that I can’t attend – many of you are my mates. But it’s not just the distance from Perth that’s the problem. I hope you understand.

b). So where does that leave me as a presenter at such conferences?

1. I’ll continue to speak and share my practical theology, to help others learn until they can DO their calling too. If people can’t attend cos they’re too busy DOING their convictions, then I’m happy!

2. Give me more meetings like last Monday, when I was asked to represent Christianity at an “alternative spiritualities” meeting: real live, actual faith-sharing times (not just talking about how to do it – though I’ll do that too.) If you have an outreach setting in mind and are afraid of it, throw me the ball. I like the Question and Answer format. It happens a few times every year, it energizes me, and seems to help the questioners, too, from what they say.

“That was a totally awesome evening Geoff. You so clearly presented the reality of the historical Jesus that I could almost feel the scene playing out in that room. I was totally amazed by the questions people were asking and thinking through. I felt like God had pulled these people aside for a moment in time and all heaven held their breathe as you so clearly presented the reality of our Savior and Lord Jesus. They will never be able to say they never heard. I loved the matter of a fact presenting of the historical Jesus which disarmed any thought of Christianity being an emotive plea to a faith without substance… Thanks again for your dedicate , loving attitude towards the lost and clear motivative presentation.”

Put me on the coalface. That’s where I really want to be.