EasterPassion App

EasterPassionAppiPhone App available NOW from iTunes App Store.

Download HERE


Virtual text messages as if
an eyewitness from 2000 years ago
is texting you the Easter events
as they unfold 
in “real time.” 

  • EasterPassionAppMessages run from Maundy Thursday noon to Sunday 8pm.
  • All messages are foot-noted with the relevant scripture references, which are hyperlinked in-App if you want to read them.
  • Messages include all the Biblical Stations of the Cross, which are highlighted by pictures from Amy Welborn and Michael Dubruiel’s book, “John Paul II’s Biblical Way of the Cross.” Station texts are from Wikipedia references to the same.
  • Messages are virtual and in-App, so you can be offline and there are no charges.
  • The order and timing of events is based on The NIV Harmony of the Gospels by Thomas and Gundry, 1988 revision. Debates about the timing of Passover are by-passed to enable Western users to enter into the experience over the course of the traditional holiday period.
  • Built by PROJIX Pty Ltd, PO Box 1564, South Perth, WA, 6957
  • Concept by Geoff Westlake, OAC Ministries WA, copyright 2013. Please forward it for use by anyone, but profiteering and re-wording is not allowed. Refinements will be made for future editions.

This free app was made possible by a grant. We are a fully-audited, faith-support, not-for-profit organisation. So we would love to receive donations towards our ongoing Outreach And Church Ministries. Learn more about us at OAC Ministries in Western Australia  http://www.oac.org.au/wa.

If you wish to be alerted to future Apps (eg. experiencing Pentecost, Lent, Advent in the same way) you can do so by subscribing to Geoff Westlake’s blog here


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