John Dickson Qanda

John Dickson hit the nail right on the head last night on ABC TV’s “Q&A.” You can download the mp4 video podcast here. (Feb 18 2013)

Listen for almost two thirds in when he says words to this effect:

As I read [Dr Krauss’s] book I was all the more impressed with the exquisite beauty of the created world, and the laws of physics. It makes me think that there is a Mind behind it. And if there is, then is there any evidence on the world stage  that this God… has touched the earth in a tangible way? If you’re asking me why do I think there’s a God, it’s this philosophy of science PLUS the life of Jesus. Is there any tangible thing in the history of the world that looks like contact from the God we suspect is there. The overwhelming evidence (in history) points in the direction of Jesus, his life, teachings, healings, and his death and resurrection… 

John had moved the discussion forward, from inferences from cosmological physics to history, clearer ground for the God-question, and John’s home turf.

But, for reasons known only to himself, Q&A chairman Tony Jones missed the point entirely and derailed that more promising line of enquiry by saying, “we’ve moved into the area of intuition now…” the EXACT OPPOSITE of what John had done! John corrected him, “AND HISTORY,” but was simply ignored by Tony.

It proves this cartoon right – again! Image