Resurrection Research

ntdocsI have often said you can easily research the question of Jesus’ resurrection. Even though mainstream media ignores it, it is a matter of public record. Anyone can find the historical evidence.

Given the importance of the Resurrection, I suggest you look into the matter for yourself (and live in the light of its implications.)

You can follow the footnotes to primary sources:

So enjoy looking around.
And don’t worry when you bump into dissenting voices – they wont kill your faith. Their interpretations are not strong enough, and they’re mostly very poor at reading history.
For example they rule a line through any texts written by Christians. This unfairly rules out any source by anyone who was convinced by the evidence they were recording, regardless of the quality of their history. Ridiculous! Imagine if Luke (a first-rate historian) had been agnostic when he set out to write his “orderly account for Theophilus,” and then became a believer during his research. Under this standard his writings would be admissible before he believed, but suddenly inadmissible after he believed – the exact same material! It’s clearly dishonest to rule out historical material on the grounds that the writer believed what they wrote to be true!

So don’t be bluffed. Be informed.