LOVE has to find a way

2 phone calls called me to a new level of love, without a word about it.

ImageThe first was from a 92 yo mentor As a card carrying baptist pacifist theologian, you might imagine how many differences he would have with others. But he has a certain way about him such that no matter what your disagreements might be, you’ll never find him disagreeable. He is always the perfect gentleman, even when he’s in the bathroom asking to borrow a razor, or under vitriolic attack from a detractor.

I want to be more like that. To stand firm in the right, yet keep on believing in the Christlikeness of others. To be wise as a serpent, yet gentle as a dove.

The second call was from a man with anger issues and a violent criminal history. As I reflected on how to meet with him, I was relieved to sense God say, “he knows his problems. Your task is not to work on them, I’ll get someone else for that. Your task is to believe in him for better.”

Love doesn’t solve everything. Love simply does the part God nudges us to do. Love trusts that God will take care of the other parts. After all only he sees the whole picture of a person’s life.

For a moment, I fancied I felt the lightness of a certain 92 year old.

Cue soundtrack, Paul Gioia’s Love has to find a way.