Cheers-log 2013-12 Action list

Since last report, Cheers people have been:

  1. Establishing the core of a Safety House network
  2. Bringing Watoto Children’s Choir to our neighborhood, billeting the groups out among neighbors, working with the Catholic school as the concert venue, blessing and benefiting the 400+ audience with a vivid, cross-cultural, expression of the gospel. Plus a few other bonus concerts and interactions.
  3. Experiencing the seven Biblical Feasts of the Lord, especially for the first time the Day of Atonement and the week-long Feast of Tabernacles celebrations. A wonderful calendar of events. We’re likely to do it again!
  4. Residents Association Chair & much of the executive.
  5. School Council chair of the local government school, which saw the appointment of a wonderful principal late this year. The school is well on its way to becoming a place of stability and achievement once more.
  6. P&F president at the local Catholic Primary School. In this role, Sally arranged for each position to have an understudy. This provided both support and succession to all the positions, and the P&F is drawing in some parents from the cultures that have stood at arms length in the past. It is a happy group.
  7. A new orphan sponsorship was added to the total.
  8. Some healings, physical, mental, social, spiritual. We trust God enough to pray for these, and we trust him with the outcomes.
  9. Increasing Safety in the neighborhood, via a Cheers Roundtable meeting drawing in police, housing, all government reps, residents association, private affected citizens, schools, etc. And involving the residents’ association’s new facebook page, and our own
  10. We found all our government representatives to be wonderful advocates this year, helping to provide solutions to safety issues, and supporting our community-building initiatives. However we were sad to recently lose Laura Gray at local government election – she was the best!
  11. Continuing regular gatherings: Sunday encouragement/learning, Wednesday prayer and planning, and Friday Rookies (pre/teens).
  12. Christmas Carols was again hosted by Cheers, although at a different venue this year. I think it was one of the best presentations yet, with great participation from the Rookies kids, and the Catholic school. A clear message came through about welcoming the incarnation.

Likewise we have clearly seen God’s Spirit incarnating still, today, in our neighborhood, through us, as lowly and insignificant as we are. We pray to continue to be able to be salt and light. May he bring the increase in his ways.