Cheers-log 2014-02 Fellowship of Cheers

Cheers had a good day yesterday looking at “Fellowship.” More than friendship, it is friends committed to a common Cause.
– We read Colossians 4:7-14, fellow slaves, fellow workers, in The Cause.
– We watched the formation of the Fellowship of the Ring, seeing how each had a role to play in the big Cause.
– We read Acts 2:42-47, and saw descriptors of the early Church’s common Cause
– We declared our common Cause, and our commitment to it by a secret ballot, unveiled at the end. (Unlike a proper venn diagram, the centre segment of this one depicted what everyone AGREED to, while the outer parts captured types of uncertainty. The point is, we’re committed to the same Cause!):
We noticed the teamwork that comes from us each having different strengths and passions. And how others can join in at different points where they feel they overlap.

– A five-year old depicted the Cause

– We dotted people we know well enough to ask favours from.
(Not including over 1000 people on the BG Residents Association Facebook page, or stakeholders like the Round Table. This is just local residents we personally know.)

 – We mapped the network with chalk, under a common goal:

We saw that we are “The Fellowship of Cheers”
Committed to Bless and Benefit Banksia Grove and Beyond,
By: seeing God, prayer, Biblical learning, fellowship, serving, and sharing
what we know about Jesus and His Ways.

Our meal afterwards was so sweet.

We hope Cheers’ common cause transfers to others in the Network – and beyond.