Cheers-log 2016-04

Last year went so fast I didn’t even get to report on it. Not even Family Camp. And now we have just finished family camp 2016! So let me recap.

IMG_3951Family Camp 2015: Welcome Home was the theme, which went very well. We examined the idea and ideal of Home, and how we can See and Celebrate God’s Welcome Home values in our homes. Later sessions included how to Choose those values for ourselves, how to Create godly Welcome Homes, Commit to them, and one day be Carried by Welcome Homes. We also studiedsimilar themes with the teens and adults in the evenings, in the book of Colossians.

CCCBTSFamily Camp 2016: Keep Moving Forward was the theme. Using the movie Meet The Robinsons, we applied the Great Commandments and the Great Commission to the overall purpose and mission of Cheers. We learnt that we have to keep moving forward until we have been sent to others.

Jesus’ love is at work in us for his mission, and we feel something is missing until we do it. We Connect with people, with Christ in us, help them Commit to him, Build them up in following him, Train them to be Sent. So “Go” is our organising principle, from start to finish to start again. In this way we will Spread the Love. Evenings were spend linking up these ideas through some passages in John.

IMG_3732Which way is “forward?” Among the art activities was to make a portrait of ourselves 20 years forward from now. For some it was pretty easy as we already had good ideas of where we are heading. For others it was a hard exercise as the question had yet to be answered. Which way is forward for you? Symbols became incorporated to indicate heart dispositions, callings, and lives sent.

One man shared, visibly lit up with gratitude, that after many years of trying unsuccessfully to make sense of God, sometimes through church involvements, he finally “found God” through this little no-name group quietly living it out in a nondescript suburb. As powerful as the Gospel and mission presented to him, was the demonstration in the relating of the people here. So there you go, that’s what’s it’s about!


We also the visited Wardan Aboriginal Centre off Caves Road. Always an eye-opener, and heart warmer. If you haven’t been there, we all recommend you make time.

Being blessed, and blessing BG and beyond,