“I’m actually most grateful to those who accept me in spite of my performance. They will keep on loving me when the gifts are gone.” – Geoff


– Brian Hill, Murdoch Uni, Emeritus Professor of Education
“Geoff Westlake is an enthusiastic ambassador for the good life as Christians understand it.   His skills as a communicator with both young and old are widely recognised, and are validated by wide reading and a compassionate lifestyle.”

– Morris Van Buerle Deputy Principal, Carnamah District High School.
“OAC Ministries WA have been presenting at Carnamah DHS for a number of years, and staff, parents and students have appreciated the positive messages and values they have promoted. Their workshops promote active citizenship in accordance with the democratic process, social justice, and ecological sustainability of the Curriculum Outcomes and Standards Framework. Geoff and Rob have been able to pitch their presentations at the level of their audience and enjoy good audience participation. They have promoted clear, relevant and practical strategies to Primary and Secondary students for addressing everyday issues and concerns. I have great pleasure in recommending them to you.”

 Rob Devenish, Primary Principal, Kingsway Christian College
“The audience was the entire college community, from pre-primary to year 12 and including a large number of parents. Approximately one thousand in all. Speaking to such a wide range of ages was anticipated to be a difficult task. However Mr Westlake retained the students attention for the duration of his presentation by using a variety of illustrations and a simple paper teaching aid. He spoke without notes, maintained a continuity of thought, spoke fluently, and articulated without repititions. His message was biblically sound, an element that was critically important for us. We are grateful to Mr Westlake, and have no hesitation in recommending him for similar engagements.”

– Adam Martin, Mandurah Baptist College
“Geoff is gifted… As [the 60+] students peppered him with loaded and difficult questions about death, heaven, hell, and purpose; Geoff responded in a gentle and thought provoking manner. In a follow up survey conducted with students it was clear and evident that the majority of students were challenged to have logical reasons for their beliefs. Even students who do not believe in God conceded to the idea that the bible is a reliable historic document. Having Geoff in our school also equipped me with better strategies/questions of how to respond to the questions my students may have about God. This [two-day intensive] incursion is absolutely worthwhile, and will cause your students to think deeply through the ‘Core Issues’ of life. I am so grateful and thankful to Geoff for the impact he has had on our [year 7] students.” 

– Rebecca Bloor, St Stephens School Staff
Dear Executive Staff, I just wanted to say that Staff Retreat this year was such a positive experience! … He was possibly the most inspiring, encouraging speaker I have heard at any school event since I started, and I left that session so energised to change the way I interact with both staff and students.
More than that, I think possibly the most exciting, encouraging thing about the impact of the second speaker was staff I spoke to who (openly) do not profess any kind of faith who said that he was one of the first people who has ever made them want to consider exploring Christianity. That is a huge statement and something I find so encouraging! Thanks again.”

– Deb Hirsch, Tribes of Los Angeles, Minister, Author
“Geoff really loves Jesus and is passionate about making him known in ways he can be understood, and that is a true gift!” 

– Michael Frost Director, Tinsley Institute, Morling College, Sydney.
“Geoff Westlake loves Jesus and yearns to see the church grow in such a way as to make it easier for people to meet Him. Geoff has inspired my students in the past and he inspires me to increase my vision for the church and its openness to the wonder of Jesus’ love for unbelievers. I recommend his ministry to all who are serious about evangelism.”

– John Bond, Sonlife Ministries, Director
“Geoff Westlake is a young man with a passionate heart for the things of God.  He has a refreshing and unique way of challenging people of all ages concerning their relationship with Christ.  He is gifted and passionately committed to reaching people for Christ.  I recommend without hesitation Geoff to you as an Evangelist who, with sensitivity to your local church and ministry, will share the claims of Christ.” 

– Ray Hockley, Swan Christian College, Director of Pastoral Curriculum
“Geoff Westlake  has conducted numerous seminars at Swan Christian College on a variety of topics. Geoff has a very effective communication style which is enhanced by his sincerity and direct approach. Students and staff have commented on how relevant and interesting Geoff’s talks have been. He was able to engage the crowd with humour, personal stories and clear practical strategies to help the student reflect on their lives and relationships.” 

– Hazel Gifford, Boyup Brook Christian Council
“Geoff’s Seminars at both high & primary schools are always well received, with the majority of the young people welcoming a return visit.” 

– Giulio Montini, SU Windsurfing Camp (yr 10-12), Director
“Geoff and the team at OAC deliver relevant, qualified plain english speak. His message of the gospel is captivating and answers the question ‘Why Jesus?'”

– Ian Reynolds, PNEUMA
It was a camp we will all remember for a long time, especially the insights into our faith. Your thoughts will be lingering with us all for a long time to come. Thank you again for bringing us closer to our Maker.

Genevieve Hays, Kingsway Christian College, on Real Relationships
That was great this morning and the feedback from staff immediately afterwards was extremely positive. I think your words had value for everyone, wish I had heard some of those things 25 years ago. J Might have saved me from making a mistake or two.
…will contact you soon about setting a time for the 9’s & 10’s. It will be perfect for them to hear too.

– Chris Guerriero, Founder:
“You’re not like a ‘preacher,’ I totally did not get that impression from you. You’re a link between people of different faiths, a go between, a peer who helps people understand. You can help people find missing pieces, and that’s why I think your new book is going to rock.”

– Glenda Weldon, WEA, CMA Australia, Lausanne Australia
“I am delighted to recommend Geoff Westlake as a man of God, uniquely gifted in by God in the areas of evangelism – both in personal evangelism and as a teaching, preaching evangelist, in discipleship, hospitality, organisation and administration.  He is a lateral thinker with outstanding skills in understanding and communication to those who have little or no Christian background, and in practical, Biblical theology.  These gifts are evident in his Core Stuff series of DVD’s and lectures.
He and Sally have four children and together they share his passion for God for all people everywhere to know Jesus as their Saviour and Lord.”

John Hutchinson, Pastor for Youth and Family.
“Through the feedback from our campers, and our own evaluation, we rated it as a very successful camp, seeing much growth take place in our young people, with both first time commitments and recommitments.”

John Ford, Lakes Christian Church
“[LifeSharing] is a very practical, down-to-earth program. Highly recommended for anyone considering how to become more active in outreach and making disciples outside the church.”

Matthew Ruggiero, Thornlie Church of Christ
Although I came to the [training] seminars a little cynical (assuming that they would be yet another “how to evangelise the successful way” style presentation), my expectations very quickly changed. I appreciated the Lifesharing seminars so much that I arranged for Geoff to present during my local church’s annual ‘Missions Week.’ I would highly encourage any Christians, particularly those wanting to strip expectation and religious ‘obligation’ from their lives, to experience these seminars. Be encouraged to be yourself. I know that all I want from those close to me is authenticity, honesty, and intimacy. Why should I give any less of myself.

Chris Baxter, vice chair, BGRA
“If it wasn’t for Cheers, there’s no way Banksia Grove would be anywhere near the kind of community it is today.”

– (Rev) Rob Cain Justice of the Peace.
“Geoff and Rob are men who seek to understand who they serve… researching, refining their resources and “packaging” their message, so as to be current, relevant, technically professional and respectful… I have been involved in similar ministry for 11 years in South Australia, and I have never met such skilled, dramatic, and “techno savvy” men; they are world class communicators!! You will not be disappointed or embarrassed if you call them to serve you and your community.”

Ray and Karen Wadley, SU Camp Glen Echo, Directors
“An excellent communicator of Biblical truths, and a great role model for young people.”


“I loved the way you spoke about God to us. It made me understand a lot, it was so inspiring. Every time you spoke you made everything around me stop to focus on the words that were coming out of your mouth, and how deeply they were going into my heart. Your talks gave me the heart and strength to decide to be a believer again. Thank you so much. I learnt a whole lot of information and evidence about God that helped me make my decision.” – 15 year old camper.

“These talks have opened my eyes to why it is important to love & believe in God, even at the hardest of times. I always had a little feeling, “what if the Bible isn’t real.” But the history was so informative.” – 15 year old.

“Geoff’s talks have been some of the best God-based stuff I have ever heard…” – camper 15

“Thanks Geoff. Your preaching has changed me inside out!” – camper 13

“Each camp I come on I learn so much more about God than I have done anywhere else. The things I have taken from Core Stuff, I know I’ll take with me for the rest of my life.” – camper 15

“I really enjoyed Geoff’s talks, as he helped me figure out what was wrong with my faith and what I need to change. I would love to be more involved in SU & to encourage other kids who struggle with their faith.” – camper 15

“This is his first mainstream camp and he truly loved it and it has also opened him up to exploring Christianity once again.” – parent of 16-year-old camper


“In all my time I’ve never heard a person speak with such a realistic, plausible truth about God. You are just full of truth and I felt the honesty the minute you started speaking. I’ve never felt so compelled, by everything you said. I feel a lot of what you were saying was so close to my heart but I needed a final release from fear, and I woke up the next morning with the same kind of truth in my heart.” – Staff retreat attendee.

“Really sorry to see you leave the EA Board but understand re all the pressures on you. You are one of the sharpest young Christian men I have met.” – Peter Ralphs, Sr Lecturer Theology, Bible College Queensland

LifeSharing attendees:

“I think I have been converted again during these sessions. Thank-you sooo much.”

“Geoff’s stories come from real life. He made it simple, while we make it complicated…”

“It was so practical, and easy to apply.”

“What a relief! Not a formula! A shared life, and love! Wonderful!”

“What a totally normal, relatable guy you are Geoff. God has really answered my prayer on this topic.”

“This has reignited my passion for mission.”

Heard a lot about the “Emerging Church” recently, but it only just clicked today what its all about, when you were talking about meeting to build up the community, not just meeting to build up the meeting…”

I loved your life stories. You are doing what you teach. I love the bit about being intentional, but natural in sharing what I am most passionate about (the elephant in the room.)”

“I feel God has taken me to a new level in Him. I really loved your talks, & your impact & prayers. How can I thank you enough!” – Camp Leader

“Much more excitement about being a Christian.” – Camp Leader

 See also referees list at

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