prayerGod is at work!

We try to pay attention to what God’s doing, & fit in with that.

So I periodically call on a small band of people to pray for specific stuff, for me, & situations I find myself in. Over the years, together we’ve been encouraged by some pretty specific answers to that concerted prayer. If you’d like to be called on for this prayer work, let me know.

Here are some things to pray for, specific things we’ve seen God do, and some thoughts about prayer – both simple & difficult.


To Pray For Currently:

  • Situations listed on Dates page
  • Situations listed at
  • Personal & Family protection & blessing
  • OAC branch redevelopments in Qld & NSW


We’ve seen God:

  • Produce Core Stuff for virtually zero dollars
  • Core Stuff Camera two healed
  • Campers’ responses – new and renewed faith: at Glen Echo, Canoemup, & Footy Camp (often a hard group of campers to work with, but in 2009, 2010, there was amazing co-operation & communication in the sessions.)
  • see here too… Glen Echo 2011,
  • Family Camp responses
  • Staff financial support – just a tiny email, and then suddenly the financial gap was pretty much filled. Thanks to the donors, and unmistakably to the Spirit’s promptings.
  • Extra energy when we need it – more than what adrenaline can sustain.
  • Perfect timing: of weather (rain or wind delayed until we’re clear), of distractions (held back till we have time).


Prayer questions

  • The combination of prayer and doing our part, is what is required.
    “Pray hard, AND row away from the rocks.”
    Or, “Pray, and still hobble the camels at night.”
  • We try to discern what God wants us to do. How? Both the general parameters of God’s Word, and also the specific promptings of God’s Spirit, by spiritually “paying attention” during reflective prayer times, and active preparation times, and even on the spot. The practice of tuning in, enables more attentiveness when busy. If we have a specific prompting, we pray along those lines. If not, we still have the general parameters to pray & work with.
  • Sometimes an answer is miraculous, unambiguous and undeniable. These times are encouraging.
  • Other times God allows suffering. In those times we submit to his wisdom, whether we understand or not, whether we feel like it or not. Because trust means we ask God, AND we trust him with whatever he decides to do or not. After all, God’s got the bigger perspective, an other-dimensional perspective. This is not a case of “having it both ways,” – this is having a relationship! God is not a “quid-pro-quo arrangement.”