I am not recorded very often. I don’t have any problem with it, it’s just that I speak at a lot of places not equipped for that. But I do have a couple of resources available or in the Pipeline…

1) Core Stuff $25
a 4-dvd set that covers the basics of the Christian message giving a firm foundation to grow from. Many have found their faith sprout and grow while using this. (Even in China!)


2) Treading on God’s Heels (free draft)
An e-book that started as a high-school seminar and then grew. It’s about different ways to grow your faith, different ways we know things about God. eg. your mind, science & history, emotions, arts, experiences, practical action, and wholistically putting this together. It’s even got exercises to help you find your best way forward. It can be used by those still seeking a way forward spiritually, or by people of faith to grow in ways more suited to their strengths. It’s still in the editing stages (part time), but a free draft is available on request.

3) Join the Dots ($10)
Video recordings of a 3-part series I did on the main dots of revelation that we have about God: science, history, experience, and about what emerges as you join the dots.

Contact here for orders: