Core Stuff

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The Core of the Christian faith.
The Core Stuff of life…

Relationships? Reality? Meaning? Purpose? Hope? How to live? At the core of how we think about all these, is what we think about God.

For those with ears to hear, there are enough answers. This series has helped undecided people find insight. And helped Christians wanting a check up or checklist for their foundations. Either way it can be a faith-builder.

It’s simple, unflashy, and true-blue Aussie: it simply gets down to the Core Stuff…

5 hours of input on…
*The Bible
*The Problem
*The Solution:-
– Christmas
– The Cross
– The Resurrection
– The Spirit
– Jesus’ Life & Teachings


On a stormy weekend in Perth, Western Australia, a miracle happened [besides the healing of camera two – also caught on film]: Geoff’s Core Stuff series was finally recorded! Refined through camps and outreaches to teens and adults, this is the Core Stuff that people need to know in order to decide to follow Jesus. And many have made that decision based on this material, and how it squares with reality.

This series feeds  the heart, mind, soul, and action. This is no fancy, big-budget production, just a simple, thorough explanation. It can be used as a research tool for its content. Or to introduce friends to details that most of us don’t have at our fingertips. Geoff’s casual yet compelling style communicates across a wide range of hearers.

Now on Youtube

    • youtube clips may be downloaded & used, but credit them.


This project was a labor of love by the following:

  • Adam Niven – donated his filming and editing time & efforts
  • Scarborough Church of Christ donated facilities & nibbles
  • Joondalup Baptist donated printing for the handbooks of the attendees on the day
  • Dawson Cooke – donated his expertise to the dvd sleeve design
  • Outreach And Church Ministries donating my time, and auspicing the invoicing

And thanks for those of you who’s encouraging words cajoled me into doing this – May you be blessed as I have, by this Core Stuff and the seeds of Life it brings.