OAC Ministries can help churches contact, connect, & communicate with people. We specialize in communicating Christ’s core message in the community, and co-operate with your continuing ministries.

Short Term outreach skills

  • geoff7training in some of the active learning modes we use:
    art, games, stories, symbols, object lessons, etc
  • storyboarding presentations, for content, & multi-mode learning methods
  • resources, books, tips etc.


  • Camp: still the most effective way to fast-track both relationships and understanding.
  • Community Contact Weeks: a series of events over a week or two. Kind of a camp-at-home.
  • Invitation events, at which you want the Gospel well-put.
    (eg. Breakfast, after dinner speaker, Open Day, Youth Event, etc.)
  • Special Sunday service: a fresh voice can make a difference



  • Why reinvent the wheel? We can introduce you to specialists in camping, training, resources, chaplaincy, local networks. Even international networks of expertise.
  • Collaborate on an outreach that connects the local resources – churches, parachurches, schools, chaplains, even governments?

Long Term outreach development

LifeSharing traininglshome

  • Christ-based community development draws from the Spirit to keep transforming the world around us for good, despite the hardships.
  • How to Contact, Connect, Communicate, & even Continue with friends & neighbors over the long term.
  • Christ-centered, Community-sent, Relationships context, Skills & Knowhow, Spiritual gifts & sensitivity
  • 5 sessions including workshop through a LifeSharing checklist. Do it in a short day, camp, or series of visits. LifeSharing post. See Comments page. Enquire here.

Cross-cultural training


  • Apply cross-cultural missionary practices here. Why? Because we humans express ourselves through our culture. So when an outreach makes sense to us culturally, it resonates more deeply.
  • With SUNO Geoff trains such missios for mainstream Australian cultures: the overseas missio’s readily understand. We keep the core beliefs & practices, yet can flex the cultural expressions.

Specfic assistance depending where your church is in the APEPT cycle (Eph 4:11)

  • Apostolic) Start-up. Clarifying foundational mission thinking.
  • Prophetic) Credibility. Life-Sharing skills, being involved in the local community.
  • Evangelistic) Inspiring. Explaining your faith. OAC’s specialty.
  • Pastoral)Healing. A “baton” of teaching to be passed on, core beliefs & practices.
  • Teaching)Deepening. Raising APE’s.  The pastoral and teaching types are already affirmed & active, but who wants to be identified as an Apostle, Prophet or Evangelist? And what the heck are they anyway? Geoff can illuminate this in a way that’s not freaky, but in fact liberating for them and helpful for the church.


  • geoff61We sharpen outreach skills for numerous other outreach agencies
  • Theological Colleges – esp. missiology, apologetics, & evangelism.
  • Alliances – we love to see churches work with parachurches and Christians in all spheres

A Conversation is a good start: Contact Geoff here.

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