Outreach: the opposite of keeping the best stuff to myself.


  • In WA, OAC Ministries provides camp-organizers with presenters who can speak well, and model the faith up close. [In other states (Qld, Vic, SA) OAC Ministries runs our own camps.]


Core Stuff Series

  • The Core Stuff of the Christian faith. (Other stuff may be highly nutritious, but the Core contains the seeds of life.)
  • The multi-mode teaching encourages active learning. Hearty, Mentally rigorous, Spritual activities, doing things with it.

Core Stuff Dvd

  • One stormy day in 2008, the Core Stuff Series was filmed by Adam, donating his time and expertise. May be used as a reseach tool, or for viewing by enquirers ready to discuss ‘the elephant in the room.’
  • DVD is ready for orders. You may order here.

Youth Events

  • Youth Groups run by Council, Police & Citizens, etc
  • Youth Groups run by churches
  • Youth events run in schools, outside schools
  • Youth events run by networks of organizations

Workplace Professional Development

  • Leader development applies to all segments in the workplace
  • Values development from a wholistic basis


  • One-hour classes offering students knowledge, skills and values, in their search for reality & hope. (Activities, multi-media, sketches, stories, teaching, games, prizes, etc.)
  • Religious Education classes in High School, as well as Primary schools.
  • Leader Development: already in lecture form, this is set to expand into a series of seminars to sync with programs such as Vetamorphus.
  • Assemblies, graduations, special events.


  • Seminars & lectures that present good & sufficient reasons for faith.
  • (Dialogue, panel formats also.)

Church-based Outreaches

  • Camp: still the most effective way to fast-track both relationships and understanding.
  • Contact Weeks: a series of events over a week or two. Kind of a camp-at-home.
  • Invitational events, at which you want the Gospel well-put.
    eg. Breakfast, after dinner speaker, Open Day, Youth Event, etc.
  • Sunday services: a fresh voice can make a difference


  • After School kids clubs,
  • Holiday programs
  • Kids and family camps
  • Boost for thoughtful kids 10-14

Conversation is a good start: Contact Geoff here.